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Throw These 25 Things Away – Daily Worth

Messy RoomCleaning out clutter can seem like be a tough task, but it doesn’t have to be!

Instead of setting aside a huge block of time to take care of months’ or years’ worth of clutter, take baby steps by throwing away only one type of item per day. And by throwing away, we mean recycling, selling, donating, or — as the last resort — trashing.

This list of 25 types of items will take you about a month to dispose of, if you grab one thing per day. Gather them up, and toss them out. You’ll feel better when this clutter is cleared. And overachievers, feel free to do more than one per day.

  1. Scraps of wrapping paper
  2. Cards people have given you with no sentimental value
  3. Receipts you don’t need
  4. Ticket stubs
  5. Socks with holes
  6. Old T-shirts
  7. Leftover change
  8. Dried flowers
  9. Magazines
  10. CDs
  11. Hair elastics that have lost stretchiness
  12. Hair accessories you don’t use
  13. Shoes that don’t fit or that you don’t wear
  14. Extra photo prints
  15. Little knickknacks (designate a bowl and fill it)
  16. The other side of each pair of lost earrings
  17. Kitchen things you don’t use
  18. Cooking utensils you have two of
  19. Tired bras
  20. Scarves you never wear
  21. Clothes that don’t fit
  22. Gifts you don’t like
  23. Old towels
  24. Old makeup
  25. Old toiletries

Now that you’ve tossed this many things, on to the next area. Read more on decluttering.

Article from Daily Worth.